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atapping_lims's Journal

Amanda Tapping LIMS
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atapping_lims is a Last Icon Maker Standing community focusing on Amanda Tapping, an actress most notable for her roles on Stargate: SG-1/Atlantis as Captain/Major/Lt. Colonel/Colonel Samantha Carter and on Sanctuary as Dr. Helen Magnus and as executive producer/director.

This community is modeled after sg1_lims. In order to participate in the actual competition, you must sign up at the beginning of a round. One or two participants will be eliminated after every weekly challenge and a winner, the last icon maker standing, will be declared after the last challenge.

Sign-Ups, skips, and particpants for Round 1

1) In order to participate, you must sign up here.
2) Your icon must fit within LJ icon requirements, meaning it must be no more 100x100 pixels and 40kb in size.
3) You may submit both nonanimated and animated icons, as long as you use the images provided.
4) Every icon must be original and you cannot post your icon until after results are posted for that challenge.
5) Do not tell anyone which icon is yours or ask for someone to vote for you. This is cheating.
6) Textures and blending are welcome! However, text brushes should not be used. You can have text on your icon as long as you create it yourself.
7) We reserve the right to disqualify you for the current round if any of these rules are broken. However, we will try to be lenient and give a warning first. Everything is circumstantial. If you are caught cheating, it will result in instant disqualification for the round. If you are caught cheating a second time, you will be banned from all future rounds.

1) Upload your icon to a hosting site such as Photobucket or LJ scrapbook.
2) Post both the image itself and the URL. Comments are screened.
If you have any questions on doing this, just ask.

1) There is no anonymous voting, but all comments are screened.
2) You don't have to be a participant to vote.
3) You cannot vote for yourself.
4) When you vote, you will choose 2 icons you believe to be of the best quality and 2 icons you believe to be of the worst quality. You must give a reason that provides constructive criticism to the maker. Good reason: The cropping is a bit awkward and the subject is over-sharpened. Bad reason: I don't like purple.
5) You may request your feedback after the results have been posted.



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